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I wish It was in the midwest :-(

I feel like a leech to everyone around me unsure and false promises I make.
I invade your existence with my dependence
and leave you guilt tripped until you take
care of me, for If not I will surely die.
I don’t feed or clean myself and I am always high,
putting pipe dreams before the necessities in life.
Without your help I have no hope to survive.
Now I know that sounds pathetic, that’s because that’s what I am.
So open about my flaws but it’s all part of my plan.
For If I can recognize my flaws you’ll assume I’m trying to change,
but I am lazy and disheartened and I know I will remain the same.
Taking all you can give me trying to live in excess.
You know you’ll make my life much easier, I’ll make your life a mess.
Squirm away stupid leech boy go and die now in the drain,
you speak only of your sadness but are yet to feel true pain.


Waxahatchee at Pitchfork Music Festival. Video portrait by Erik Sanchez.


Waxahatchee at Pitchfork Music Festival. Video portrait by Erik Sanchez.

Folkapalooza! needs an official logo!

Do you like folk punk and drawing?! Do you want to help out Folkapalooza!? Then enter our logo contest 

Here’s the details:
- We’ll except entries starting today through May 17th
- All entries will be posted on May 18th to be voted on
- Voting will last from May 18th-24th
- On May 25th the winner will be announced based on the number of likes their entry receives
- The winning entry will become the Folkapalooza! logo and the artist will receive a free Folkapalooza! shirt

All entries must be original work. All entries must also be a scanned in image. This is so the image can be easily transfered onto stickers, signs, fliers, websites, news articles, etc. Send all entries to

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

We’re bringing folk punk to the east coast this September with Folkapalooza!. This fest is just coming into the works, but we’re hoping to make it a big event with lots of great bands. If anyone is interested in playing Folkapalooza! we’d love to hear from them! 

contron (tron green) - dear john green (we fetishize blonde teens)
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dear john green we fetishize blonde teens

it’s a metaphor, for better or for worse

dear john green we fetishize blonde teens

yr not a villain, yes, we know that children curse

dear john green i seen you cry on screen

oh i wish i knew what you were sad about

dear john green i seen you cry on screen 

oh i really wish that i could help you out

(excerpt from the one “dear john” letter i regret the most /:)

Human Kitten - Plea From A Cat Named Virtute (The Weakerthans cover)


Mr.Meaner and the penatenteries.