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Scottish Folk Punk. This is a new song i just uploaded. Got a few gigs coming up and i hope people will enjoy this song. As it is about a small cat that keeps my mind at peace everyday. 

BREAKING: Police have strategically blocked any opportunities to see what’s happening. #Ferguson


  • The younger crowd is pleading for the media to stay: “Show the world what they’re about to do to us!”
  • Just told to go into our cars. An on-scene reporter was told to get into his car, and media were told to get into their cars. It’s about to reach a boiling point in Ferguson.
  • Protesters are asking the media to stand with them and not return to the media area


as you may know i occasionally make videos on the youtube and here is one of those. it is me covering a song by the front bottoms because i am trash please enjoy

Trash Boat - Misanthropy Anthems


hi! i am part of  a compilation that you can either download for free, or buy at any price. all proceeds will be used to raise funds to pay the bails of protesters arrested at the Ferguson protest. 

you can listen to it  /download / donate here.



Music Video for Days n Daze’s song “Misanthropic Drunken Loner”

Ferguson Masterpost


"Don’t Shoot"
dedicated to the innocent black and brown youth lost to the disgusting american police force