Hey, my friend Albert(The Adventure Kids) and I JUST released a brand spankin new split!

~Flower the Skunk

Hey y’all! My names Rayne and I make music as Human Petting Zoo. Me and my friend Maggie, aka Flower the Skunk just released our split today! It’s super great and y’all should give it a listen. I’m going on tour for the first time on July 23rd - July 28th and I’ll be hitting Bloomington, New Lenox, Appleton, Columbus, and Pittsburgh!!! I’m so stoked. We were gonna play in Chicago but we couldn’t find any shows. However, Chicago friends can totally come to New Lenox on July 26th which is not that far! 

July 23rd - Bloomington, IN @ Excess
July 24th - Off day in New Lenox, hanging with friends!
July 25th - Appleton, WI @ CLAW
July 26th - New Lenox, IL @ PARADISE SMOOTHIES
July 27th - Columbus, OH @ The House with No Name
July 28th - Pittsburgh, PA @ FFD House

Come hang out with us!!!

A radical folk punk boy writing songs about his adventure n’ stuff

This is my newest song! At the end I talk a little bit about the tour I’m going on with Human Petting Zoo and The Adventure Kids!

~Flower the Skunk


Hi friends! I started a new podcast this week, and it’s really really fun! It’s called “My Show Dot Com,” and it’s a music trivia game show!
This first episode features members of my arch nemesis band, The Frights!

Listen, share, laugh, hold hands, and high five!


My friend got this tattoo. You’ll get it if you like Zelda and Ghost Mice.


My friend got this tattoo. You’ll get it if you like Zelda and Ghost Mice.

We are the Gnarly Whales and we just recorded this tonight.
Listen to it then send it to somebody you hate!


Odd talks new album! Cassettes coming soon!

David and Katie of the Gnarly Whales singing a cover we made of a Front Bottoms song.

If you’re local in Orlando, Fl, Come check out our shows sometime, We tend to play with Ghost mice, Pat the bunny, Days n daze, The Caffiends, Ya know, Shit like that.



Marco Polio - Winter Crush Song #3

live at Dinosaur Pee Pee
captured by Billy Mack